Our Theme

Principles of Success: Leading with Love and Faith

Each second ticks by, the sun greets the new day, and all of creation is on a trajectory moving forward. In Allah’s infinite wisdom, is the characteristic of ‘will’ specially bestowed on humankind. And that is where all the potential in us lives.

Through the mercy of His guidance and care, and the teachings and comprehensive example of our blessed Prophet Muhammad, we are equipped with the tools and ability to facilitate and nurture so much goodness and beauty on this earth.

Indeed, Allah Most High has entrusted us humankind with being the stewards of this earth and all that it holds. A recurring theme thereof is the detailing of leadership that when understood and practiced, yields such bounty of peace and love on all micro and macro levels of existence; personal self, familial, social, global, political, environmental, etc.

Thus, the intention of this year’s convention is to come together to learn and remind ourselves of how this can be done, how we can yield this reality in the various areas and roles we find ourselves in, and what determines true success.

So ‘hayya `ala al-falaah!‘. Come join us at the ISNA Convention this year! We look forward to loving and learning together.