Our Theme

Unity in Diversity: Towards Inclusive Communities

Every day, we aspire for peace and harmony in a world that is constantly changing.  It’s hard to ignore the constant stream of negative information emphasizing differences, disunity and destruction within our communities when we know it’s positive forces such as inclusivity and coexistence that build societies and allow them to flourish.

This year’s annual convention intends to explore themes of unity, diversity and inclusive communities. World-renowned scholars and speakers will come together to elevate the discussion on what it means to move our communities towards unity, without uniformity, and diversity, without division.

Much like a garden with diverse and unique flowers growing together, uniting to form a beautiful space, communities thrive when diversity is celebrated.

As Muslims, our duty to contribute to society is of paramount importance as “Allah loves those who do good” [3:148]. Through the mercy of Allah’s (SWT) guidance and the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), we are equipped with the tools to facilitate and nurture so much goodness, beauty and unity within our communities.