Imam Hamid Slimi

Dr. Hamid Slimi is the Imam, Resident Scholar, and Founder of Sayeda Khadija Centre. He has been serving as an Imam, Chaplain, Educator and Consultant in Canada for over 18 years in different religious and educational institutions. Dr. Slimi’s traditional and academic speciality is in Islamic Studies and Law as well as Comparative World Religions. In addition to the traditional degrees known as Ijazah, he holds two Masters Degrees with High Honors in both disciplines from Morocco and the U.S. and a Ph.D. in Islamic Law from the U.K. He received both his traditional and academic learning in Morocco and attended other renowned institutions and universities in other parts of the world. Dr. Slimi lectures mainly in English, French and Arabic, and had his own weekly TV Show which he has been airing all over Canada and other countries continuously for over four years. Imam Hamid is known for his tireless community work and interfaith leadership.

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