Safaa Zarzour

Mr. Zarzour is the President of Syrian Forum, USA, a non-profit dedicated to “Rebuilding Syrian Lives”.

Mr. Zarzour holds a Juris Doctoral Degree from DePaul University’s School of Law, a Master’s in Education from the University of Illinois in Chicago.

Professionally, he is the superintendent of Universal Schools located in Illinois and Indiana. He is also a principal partner in the law firm Zarzour Law, LLC. Previously for over a decade, he served as Principal of Universal School one of the largest and most innovative Islamic schools in the nation. In addition, Mr. Zarzour served as the Secretary General of ISNA, General Council and Chief Operations Officer of Zakat Foundation of America, Chief Executive Officer of IQRA International Foundation, and as an adjunct law professor at Loyola Law School.

During his tenure with Zakat Foundation, Mr. Zarzour focused his work on relief effort
for Syria. Mr. Zarzour visited Syria four times delivering aide directly to Syrian refugees. He also visited Al Zataari Camp in Jordan in 2014 to identify Syrian refugees in need of long term medical help and to distribute aide donated by American Muslims.